Oral Diagnosis, Radiology

What is Oral Diagnosis, Radiology?

It is the gateway to dentistry where the treatment planning and findings of a patient with oral and dental health problems are determined.
It is the branch that examines the diseases, abnormalities, developmental defects of the mouth, teeth, gingiva and surrounding tissues, investigates the diagnosis and treatment criteria and plans the treatment of all patients with oral and dental health problems. As in general medicine, this branch uses different laboratory methods for the definitive diagnosis of diseases. Dentistry radiology is one of the sub-branches of this branch. Aim; is to determine the source of the patient’s primary complaint. By considering the current situation of the patient as a whole, not only the current complaints, but also the areas that may cause possible problems in the future can be determined, and the complaint can be directed to treatment before it progresses. In this way, preventive and preventive treatments to be applied with early diagnosis will prevent bigger problems in the future and will make the treatment both simpler and more economical.

Oral Diagnosis

A successful intraoral treatment is only possible with a correct diagnosis. Oral Diagnosis helps to use scientific information to determine the relationship between them by identifying all problems inside and outside the mouth in dentistry and to make the right treatments in line with the results. A good oral diagnosis is made by extraoral examination, intraoral examination and radiological examination. In our Oral Diagnosis department affiliated to Oral, Dental and Maxillofacial Radiology; All teeth and intraoral tissues are evaluated and information is provided if interventions are required for teeth that have not yet complained. In our Oral, Dental and Maxillofacial Radiology department; The diagnosis of diseases in the mouth, teeth and jaw region and the clinical and radiological determination of the treatments to be performed are made. It is aimed to detect and evaluate pathology or anomalies, if any, with radiographs taken from the mouth, teeth and jaw region. In the light of this information, an individual treatment plan is prepared and patients are directed to specialist clinics where these treatments will be performed.

Radiology Examinations Performed in Our Radiology Unit

  • Panoramic Graph
  • Dental Computed Tomography (CBCT)
  • Intraoral Digital Radiography (RVG)

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