Smile Design

Smile; it is a very powerful factor that directly affects your social communication. A beautiful and aesthetic smile allows you to communicate more confidently and strongly. Studies have proven that the first element that we pay the most attention to in the people we communicate with is the eyes, and the second element is the smile. In recent years, smile design studies have become widespread with the increasing aesthetic expectation of patients.

Considerations While Making Smile Design

We can create the smile we want with porcelain laminate veneers, aesthetic composite fillings, bonding method and whitening process. It is very important to understand the expectation of the patient in smile design. A detailed analysis is required before starting the process.

For an aesthetic smile; Teeth and surrounding tissues forming integrity with teeth should be evaluated and handled together. The factors that will affect the design include the patient’s face shape, age, gender, gingival level, lip distance and thickness, and closing relationships. In the preliminary evaluation, along with the stable condition of the patient, the teeth should also be evaluated during functions such as speaking and laughing. We can see this most easily on the short video footage and photographs we took from the patient.

How to Smile Design?

In order to achieve ideal aesthetics, first of all, the gums must be healthy. No matter how perfect the laminates or aesthetic fillings are, it is not possible for the teeth made to look aesthetically pleasing to the eye in the presence of inflamed and bleeding gums. In such cases, the gum is treated. In cases where the smile line is high, the gingiva is leveled. After the necessary arrangements are made, the design of the teeth is started.

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